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Boxing Classes

Boxing Fitness Classes

If you are looking for an exciting, high intensity cardio class, check out Gold’s Gym free boxing classes. Have fun and enjoy a great workout including one hour of muscle endurance and strength training, heavy bag drills for cardio heart rate elevation, abs and core workout, treadmills, bikes, jump rope, circuit training, weights and more. Learn basic punching, kicking and elbow skills without the painful combat aspect of boxing. No need to worry if you don’t have your own gloves, we’ve got you covered!

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  • Open 24/7
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Complete this form or contact us at 403 272-4653 to register for our boxing fitness classes.

Our Gold’s Gym NE & NW Gym Locations are Open 24 hours 7 Days a Week

We have one location in Calgary at Gold’s Gym Northgate, and a second location opening this fall in Country Hills.

Free Boxing Fitness Classes

View the calendar below to find a class that fits your schedule.

Country HillsCountry Hills – Platinum ClassesNorthgate – Group XNorthgate – Platinum Classes